Au Revoir Dear Yves

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”Yves St. Laurent Hommage from Website

As always here on The Planet, emotional displays are not only not acceptable, they are not done. However, that doesn’t translate into allowing a day to pass without marking the loss of a mind that was as gifted as it was fragile, and as creative as it was critical. Of course, we speak about the death of Yves St. Laurent, and we know it isn’t as though he were actively sketching designs today, coming up with another trapeze dress…

YSL Yves St. Laurent Trapeze Dress Trapeze Collection 1958

Or another line based on an artist’s work, like the Mondrian collection from 1965…

Yves St. Laurent Mondrian Collection

Or creating another incredible wedding gown like the one Claudia Schiffer is wearing from the 1997 Haute Couture Collection…

Yves. St Laurent Obit Claudia Schiffer 1997 Wedding

No, it’s not the loss of Monsieur Saint Laurent actually coming up with these brilliant ideas now, in a contemporary manner of speaking that is difficult. It’s the idea of him not being here to do it anymore that is hard. And there is such a vast distinction between the two.

If there is a wistful tone to the post, it is because there is also the notion that he was the last of the trio that defined fashion: Coco Chanel, Christian Dior and Yves St. Laurent. And when one says goodbye to the last of a group that spanned generations, a group that dressed not just TP’s mother, but grandmother as well, then you are saying “Au revoir” to something quite special, something that transcended mere apparel or accessories. Methinks The Princess is showing her age.

Yves Saint Laurent Obit

And leaving teardrops on the keyboard.


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5 responses to “Au Revoir Dear Yves

  1. Wow. Beautiful post. I couldn’t stop staring at the Mondrian dresses. Is that pic really from 1965? The only real clue that it may not be from present day is (I think) the white gloves that the model on the left is wearing. Those dresses are so fresh, so beautiful, so timeless….wow. Oh, and I also love the obvious parallel that art is fashion and fashion is art. What an amazing, talented man.

  2. Aren’t the Mondrian pieces incredible? I was so grateful there was a color photo to use in the post. I was more than fortunate to have a little Mondrian-style jumper during the 60’s that I simply wore to death in squares of grey and black and red and cobalt blue. Not YSL of course as he didn’t do Children’s, but very much “in the style of…” and I just adored it, much to the distraction of everyone!

  3. Dear!
    thanks a lot for adding me!
    i really enjoy your blog 🙂

    YSL is a master, but always will be remembered for his great criations!
    AMAZIng post!

    a kiss,
    see you,

  4. lovely, and great pictures, that wedding gown, my goodness.
    amazing how current most of his fashions look, sign of true genius.

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