Wow! We Are 100+ and We’re Celebrating with a Preppy Deal for You!

The Princess is more than aware of the inappropriateness of emotional outbursts. We have known since an early age (actually I think this is somehow transmitted into the womb) they’re simply not done. Très mauvais comportement. However, TP has been known to acknowledge that on occasion, circumstances conspire to nudge, nay, provoke just such unacceptable behavior. Prepare to be offended.


Of course, you can now envision the adult version of the little madras-clad child you always see in the photo up at the right when visiting the blog, simply horrified at her improper behavior, her face a flaming (actually, it’s closer to fluorescent, but who are we to kick ourselves when we’re down?) fuchsia in color, carefully smoothing the non-existent wrinkle from the skirt of her Oscar daydress, gloves in left hand, clutch tucked under her arm. She is mortified. But she lifts her chin and says “We can’t just crawl under a recycling bin on Park Avenue, we must go on. We have posts to write, discounts to offer readers, and oh-so-chic Princess merchandise to move.” In other words, “Buck up Girl!”

Now we understand many in the Blogatorium celebrate their 100th post, and originally we intended to do the same. But here’s the part illustrating one reason why we spent our career doing television and not something requiring math skills: this will actually be our 102nd post, not our 100th! (Okay, we can add, we just weren’t very diligent in monitoring the number of posts.) And because that coincides with the Grand Opening and Soft Launch of our online store The Preppy Princess, and because we want to prove that we can too count over 100 (heh-heh-heh), have we got an offer for you! All merchandise at the Preppy Princess is 10% off from now through the end of June! That’s right, starting today and ending at 11:59pm EDT on June 30, 2008, we are more than happy to take 10% off your purchase at The Princess! All you need to do when you get to the checkout process is use coupon code BLOGDEAL, type it as all one word with no spaces, upper or lower case doesn’t matter, and 10% is deducted from your total purchase (not including tax and/or shipping of course), so how fun is that? We’re so excited, we’re hauling out The Offical Prepalicious Seal of Approval!

Prepalicious Seal of approval

Now for those who may not be regular readers, The Princess offers merchandise and goods that add just the perfect touch to your life, and the lives of those you love. You know, the proper table linens for distinctive entertaining, both casual and more formal. Or the ideal stationery and note cards discreetly making your personal style statement, or those that don’t call for a monogram for sharing as a superb gift.

Many have a nautical theme because that’s TP’s background and life…

Anchor Wheel Napkin Rings at Preppy

Hope Note Cards Red Ticking Anchors Seaside Kitchen Towels

And naturally you will see a bit of madras and seersucker at The Princess…

Blue \'Make Mine Madras\' Placemats Preppy Princess

There are also lush, plush and oh-so-posh towels…

Plush Posh \'Windward\' Turquoise Towel Set

Towels Green & Pink Stripe \'Summer Blooms\' Set

Plus some great tote bags that are simply perfect for the farmer’s market , the grocery or bakery – you won’t need to use up plastic bags! (But you knew The Princess was always green, with a big old splash of pink!) Blue Awning Stripe Tote Striped Set Charlevoix USA Totes

As you would expect, lots of things are done in bright, vibrant colors; your design needs are what we are here to meet! Everything is made using only the finest materials, with the level of craftsmanship you expect and appreciate… and you deserve. Each and every single item is inspected by The Princess before it is shipped.

So please come by for a visit, we would absolutely love to see you. We are so excited about our merchandise we will be sharing some more goodies in the next few weeks. And thank you for stopping by our blog! We’ll chat more later! Happy-Happy!


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9 responses to “Wow! We Are 100+ and We’re Celebrating with a Preppy Deal for You!

  1. Congrats on your 100th post, Princess!!! Pop the champagne!
    I can’t wait to pop over to your store and see all the goodies you have!

  2. KK

    yay!! Congratulations on your 100th post!!

  3. OOH! I didn’t even know there was a website! And I am a regular reader!!! HAHAH!!! Must check it out!!!! So excited!!!!

  4. congrats! if you were in town i’d say martinis, champagne, or whatever is preppy to drink these days!

  5. hi!!!

    thanks a lot for your message yesterday!
    amazing blog! love all the adds about fashion and home 🙂
    lets exchange links?
    you already are at my blogroll, add me too!
    a kiss,
    see you,

  6. Congrats! How did I not know about your very nautical store??? Thanks for the code!

  7. Gosh, you are all so sweet! Thank You! We heart you very large – mondo big puffy heart you!

  8. Guess who is heading over to your website for a little shopping? I’m doing my best to keep the country from going into a recession. 🙂

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