McMommy’s Sex & the City Movie Premiere Fashion Statement

Greetings and a warm welcome to all this holiday weekend! Most importantly, fond and grateful remembrances for each and every individual who made it possible for us to be who and what we are today. Sigh. We are so very blessed.

Today’s post is brief, as what The Princess is actually doing is engaging in a grown-up version of Paper Dolls, only doing it online! How tedious for all of you!

Dolly Dingle Paper Dolls

The Back Story: Today’s post is mostly about McMommy. She is simply one of the very best Bloggers in the Galaxy. Period.

McMommy Chronicles

At any rate, for some reason (we’re thinking a few too many Manhattans), McMommy wrote an absolutely insane comment on TP’s blog related to the McPrincess’s fashion skills. The non-existent skills. As in none. N-O-N-E. You see, The McMommy is attending a gala for a movie premiere later this month with her Besties and thought perchance we might provide a bit of fashion insight. TP was mortified! The only insight we have is determining which pearls go with what twinset! Of course, the movie that is opening is Sex and the City, a film with a cast of gowns, party frocks and accessories to kill for, although (as we have frequently noted) some are more than a bit over the top. Quite. Now McMommy did mention in her query an affinity for the wardrobe leanings of Charlotte’s character, at least more so than any of the other three women in the primary roles; TP is grateful for small favors.

After much window shopping, The Princess came up with the following selections: One of the two short formal party frocks seen below, both from Le Boutique Tar-szhay, both from the Isaac Mizrahi for Target® line. The first is the Pink Lace Ruched Dress, and the second is the deep pink or fuchsia Taffeta Camelot Party Dress, seen just below the lace close-up.

Isaac Mizrahi for Target® Lace Ruched Dress - Pink Isaac Mizrahi for Target® Lace Ruched Dress - Pink

Isaac Mizrahi for Target® Party Dress - Fandango

Now that you have selected the dress, it’s on to the shoe issue. Or non-issue in this case, as we think you will absolutely fall in love with these as soon as you see them: the Marjean Slide Sandals from Joan and David, complete with grosgrain bow. These are on sale at and while not the extraordinary value the Mizrahi dresses are, where else will you find such a superb use of grosgrain ribbon on a sandal? Exactly.

JOan & David Marjean Sandal with Grosgrain Preppy Bow

JOan & David Sandal with Grosgrain Bow

To compensate for your little splurge on the sandals, you will appreciate the exquisite good taste and economic appeal of a vintage Judith Leiber bag on eBay. Originally purchased at I. Magnin (or at least we think so looking at the label on the interior of the bag), this clutch-style bag can be carried by its crystal studded chain, or used as a clutch and of course, you know which option The Princess recommends. This treasure is the real deal, it is in immaculate condition and even comes with its own little comb! Let’s chat for a moment about the bag’s ability to also provide you a timeless style statement: a Leiber is a classic, and so are you. End of story.

Judith Leiber Handbag CU

Judith Leiber Bag on Ebay

Of course one never knows these days whether the temperature inside the theatre will be bone-chilling cold or makeup-melting hot, so it’s imperative you bring a wrap. The Princess thought perhaps the oversized blue floral Versace scarf or lovely Emilio Pucci draped over your shoulders would work, both at

Versace Floral Scarf at Bluefly

Emilio Pucci Magenta Floral Tile Silk Scarf

If these don’t whet your whistle, how is McMommy feeling about a Diane von Furstenburg oversized scarf in a lush linen and cotton blend that is oh-so-soft against the skin?

Diane von Furstenburg Scarf

Diane von Furstenberg Scarf

Or the Missoni woven shawl wrap in one of their always elegant knits? The von Furstenberg and Missoni are both on sale (but of course) and both are from Net-a-Porter, a truly wonderful web site if ever there was one, with such glorious service you’ll think you are at Nordstrom!Missoni Knit Shawl Wrap

Missoni Knit Shawl Wrap

We do hope this McMommy sorta’ kinda’ McCharlotte Party Frockage look we’ve created meets with approval. If not, do let the McPrincess know where we went wrong, so that we might amend our outlook for the next premiere of a SATC film. It is only a matter of time……yes?


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13 responses to “McMommy’s Sex & the City Movie Premiere Fashion Statement

  1. Princess….YOU HAVE OUTDONE YOURSELF!!!!!! I love, love love it all!!!! I can’t thank you enough for sharing with me the wisdom of your stylish, chic ways!! I must now go forth and tell the world about this post……air kiss! air kiss! You are divine!

  2. She’s going to look fabulous!

  3. Wow, I could have really used your help for my Paris outfit. I think I’ll start being a regular here as I have much to learn!

  4. wow is right! truly you have outdone yourself and i too think she will look fabulous at her shindig 🙂

    and although i am not headed to the same premiere, think i am going to head to target and score me that dress. not to mention those shoes!! love em 🙂

    thank goodness mcmommy has you!

  5. Oh my goodnessgracioussakesalive! You all are just too kind! 🙂
    And honestly, it is I who says, “Thank goodness *I* have McMommy” because until our little online fashion consultation we were *completely and totally* unaware of the absolutely to-die-for pink party frock at Target. And you know what? Tomorrow The McPrincess heads to the McTarget to get the McFrock. Oh yes indeedy. So we most definitely owe McMommy. But we might not tell her about the added value we received from doing the fashion advising because we don’t want to be like *completely indebted to her, you know?! (Heh-heh-heh.)

  6. McMommy is going to look so cute!

  7. I heard that, Princess!!!!!!!

    ha ha ha!!



  8. Holy Canolli! What an amazing job you did! I’m more of a Carrie, but would SO be a Charlotte for those shoes!

    McMommy is a lucky lady to have such an awesome stylist.

  9. OK. So do you do fasion consultations, because that one was smokin! You have another new convert by way of McMommy!

    So… what would a Miranda wear to the opening night of SATC?

  10. Oh My Goodness Book Mamma!
    Once again we are ever-so-flattered by the more than kind comments everyone has left for The Princess, as we simply feel we have no fashion skills at all! We’re becoming concerned that the avian flu isn’t transmitted through humans, but rather, it’s carried by cyberparticles traveling through space and silent slipping out of one’s computer monitor or keyboard, as it’s clear you got have the same virus McMommy does. Clearly.
    But Book Mamma, we have never (as in nevereverever) turned down a request, and we surely aren’t about to start now! We noted your soiree officially commences at 11pm, but methinks you may begin your evening just a tad earlier, so we’ll work upon that premise as we search for the loveliest of looks to make your evening special! Hug-hug and Kiss-kiss (air kisses of course, but you knew that), TP
    PS: Initially we were hoping you might dress like your boys were whilst gardening this weekend, then decided you probably wouldn’t go for that look because this is an evening event…yes?

  11. Jen

    Ok, I know who to come to for advice the next time I need a personal stylist! You should start charging! That outfit (esp the shoes) is so darn cute!!

  12. FABULOUS. Truly fabulous!

  13. I’ve always been baffled by people like you – People that can put together an outfit with just an occasion in mind and do it with such confidence and flare and perfection. I LOVE those shoes – and the second dress makes my mouth water. You’re good….Real good.

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