Preppy Sales Pt. 2: Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Barneys

Memorial Day Sale Graphic for Banana Republic

What were we thinking yesterday? Doing an entire post entitled “Preppy Sales Update…blah-blah-blah” and ignoring some of these retailers? Honestly. On to the business at hand.

Above you see the notice for the Banana Republic sale, worthy of a drive-by as we are wont to say, not to mention the Piperlime sale which merits a full-blown screeching halt, complete with skid marks so that you may stroll into the store and wander at your leisure. A quick reminder – at PiperLime shipping is always free. Thank the shopping goddesses for that, as the Gola Ignite flats seen below are an absolute must-have for the season. Absolute. And the Lilly Color in Bloom flats with the little Pink Ornament…? What do you think?

Piperlime Gola Ignite Flat

Lilly Pulitzer Color in Bloom flat at Piperlime

Now when you get over to Ann Taylor, there are kind of two different sale events. There is the Items at $19.99 and Up Great Summer Sale and then there is the 25% Off Everything Online (at least it appears that way from what little fine print we had time to scan). The Princess can’t tell if this applies to the $19.99 items or not. After you’ve made your stop at Annie T, blast into Neiman‘s for Last Call. Missing Last Call is really TBAAAC (To Be Avoided At Any Cost); there’s just too many opportunities to find goodies for yourself, the help, Junior’s tennis coach and Buffy’s camp counselors.

And whatever you do, *don’t forget* the Men’s Store Event with decent savings on things like the Ferragamo ties and Robert Graham shirts we’re showing here.

Neiman\'s Last Call Grpx

Men\'s Ferragamo Silk Ties at Neiman Marcus Robert Graham Shirt on sale at Neiman Marcus

While Barneys would not be considered ‘preppy’ in the strictest definitions of the term, TP feels we would all agree that some more-than-preppy items have come out of that fine establishment over the years! It is in that spirit we suggest stopping by the Barneys Memorial Day Sale as well to glance at their offerings.


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5 responses to “Preppy Sales Pt. 2: Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Barneys

  1. Preppy, since you truly ARE the princess of all things fashionable….I simply MUST ask for your help!

    I am going with my bestest girlfriends to the Sex & the City movie premiere…umm, well…ok, not the PREMIERE premiere…but, um…more like the local opening night in my hometown….anyhoo….

    What should I wear?? I have to say…I am a bit of a Charlotte. So any stylish suggestions?

  2. Oooooooh, Miss McMommy, you are ever-so-nice (but ever so knackered…are we having a wee bit o’ the Red, White & Blue punch this morning…?), and The Princess is blushing in a most fiendishly red tone, she is so embarrassed by your comment as she does not feel she merits your lovely praise!
    And while we must dispute the title so kindly bestowed, we will make a suggestion or two for your *fab* evening with your Besties!
    Knowing your fondness for clean lines and a lack of frou-frou (we think) but also recognizing you are a most beautiful with the most winning McMommy smile we have ever seen, we’re thinking the Isaac Mizrahi for Target® Lace Ruched Pink Dress is you. Feminine and flirty without being fussy.
    Realizing you have a flair for some preppy style, we recommend the Joan and David Marjean Sandal, what they call a “Slide Sandal,” as it is adorned with a little grosgrain bow.
    You know, we feel inadequate attempting a written description of the look we believe McCharlotte would be donning for the local gala. Methinks the McPrincess may have to do a separate post on this topic to show the exquisite party frock and accessories you will be wearing that evening.
    In fact,
    is the link to the post describing your look for the premiere with your friends!

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Guardhouse

  4. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Gregg

  5. You may never forget Robert Graham Men’s Shirts….it’s considered blasphemy.

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