10 responses to “The Problem with the ‘Preppy’ Logo, Part One

  1. Love it! Hilarious! Your posts never dissapoint!

  2. I just have to rave about the fabulousness of this post-especially the term “nouveau gauche.” Thanks for your visit to my site-you are now one of my favorites. Until I am a compensated endorser, logos stay away! Just curious, what do you think of the Louis Vuitton signature bags? I think the logo is tacky, but a friend of mine has a few and she always looks so chic…then again, maybe it is just her great style and not the bag at all.

  3. Hey Lipstick, you are much too kind! You are now on our blogroll – hope that is okay!
    You know, the Louis Vuitton look is always a challenge when discussing this topic, and you absolutely nailed it when you pointed out that it’s your friend who is already chic, her look enhanced or accented by her bag, as opposed to her being the accent to the bag.
    To be fair, I always have to remember that their signature look was created way back in 1896, with its pre-cursor coming well before that in 1888. Because of this they always get kind of a ‘most favored nation’ status in the sense I don’t lambaste them like the others for that original signature look and design.
    The ‘look’ of what they called the Monogram Canvas was created by Georges Vuitton in 1888, but what they call their ‘supple monogram canvas’ which is what we are all used to seeing on everything didn’t happen until the late 1950s. Oddly enough, company lore says the look was created to keep others from copying the company’s products; apparently this was a problem even back then! Thanks for the positive feedback – it brings a little smile to The Princess’s heart.

  4. Absolutely hilarious. I totally agree. It’s like HOW BIG can we get our logo, these days. I hate it when girls wear those monstrosity of a pair of sunglasses with D G plastered on the side bigger than the frame its self. Most of the time, they got them on canal street or off of some bogus website anyways. The best part of being a true fashionista is knowing that some people out there will recognize your style without plastering the logo all over the place.
    XOXOX- pretty in pink

  5. Oh, and I feel the same about LV lipstick. While I have my fair share of LV signature monogram… a la the speedy… i find myself not carrying it as much these days because of all the tacky girls that try to pull off those hideous knock-offs.

    I recently purchased the damier in the brown and lighter color and love carrying those. I literally am the only person (granted, in Memphis) I have seen with this bag and it’s marvelous! 🙂

  6. Hello Preppy Princess!

    Thanks for checking out my blog, I’m still getting the hang of things…

    Your blog is too cute. I completely agree with the logo post. While I enjoy designer’s “signatures”, I prefer a look vs. the logo. When you see Lilly or Vineyard Vines, you know it’s them, no logo required. This has always baffled me with Chanel. Chanel has just a particular look, it’s only when they stray from their signature look (think the suits or jackets we’re all familiar with) with t-shirts and sunglasses is their logo splashed everywhere and it’s so unnecessary. Am looking forward to Part 2!

    Have a good day!

  7. BRAVO.
    I couldn’t even find decent glasses at a store in midtown because the only ones I liked had nasty logos on the sides – I was totally logo-blocked.
    And I’m torn about LV also – the most stylish girl in my office, chic but classy, carries a louis bag and it looks beautiful. But I wouldn’t buy one.

  8. Wow, I am totally shocked after seeing some of these items that have taken the logo to the point of disgrace. I am totally fine with a discreet logo, but things have gotten out of hand. Prominent logos to me seem like the person is trying way too hard and feels like the logo will make their look that much better. Just when I thought I had seen it all …

  9. Thanks for your reply (and especially adding me to your blogroll…I feel giddy!). I am quite impressed with the LV history lesson too. I love what Pretty in Pink said about the fake D & G sunglasses…I can just imagine those girls talking about how “chic” Paris Hilton is!

  10. Anonymous

    You need to get a life. Quickly.

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