Preppy Marc Jacobs & The Anti-Prep: Kim Kardashian

Marc Jacobs Preppy Marc Jacobs Patent Ballet Flats at Net a Porter

We are ever-so-impressed by a brilliant post we stumbled onto at I am Fashion; it points out a major shift in designs from Marc Jacobs, away from grunge and towards preppy. Yesterday’s post drew our attention to this change and we hopped over to Net-a-Porter to gaze at most of their Marc Jacobs merchandise. All we could say was wow! Now, not everything would fall into a preppy look, not by a long stretch. But the items shown here, and those selected by Barneys Girl over at I am Fashion really point out the change. Great eye!

Marc Jacobs Preppy Dress Net a Porter

Marc Preppy Jodie Dress at Net a Porter

Image Source: Net-A-Porter

The Anti-Prep: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian The Anti Prep Kim Kardashian

The Princess must admit being a bit behind the curve on even knowing who Kim Kardashian was, or as I guess is the case, is. Depending upon what your definition of is…izzzz. But her appearance at the WWE (?) alerted us to her, ah… her celebrity.Yes, her celebrity. And then The Princess heard all about a spat between Ms. Kardashian and a previous Anti-Prep Inductee? OMG. Talk about birds of a feather! Does it get any better than this?

The Anti Prep Kim Kardashian & Paris Hilton

The Anti Prep Kim Kardashian & Paris Hilton


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5 responses to “Preppy Marc Jacobs & The Anti-Prep: Kim Kardashian

  1. Thanks so much for your comment! I am so happy to find your blog. Kim Kardasian in the blue dress reminds me of the line from the wedding reception scene in Steel Magnolias….”like two pigs fighting under a blanket.” Gotta love that tacky, keep-taking-my-picture look she has on her face.

  2. You say anti-prep, I say anti-humanity, intelligence, women’s liberation….well the list goes on. Clearly these are NOT my two favorite people!

  3. ha, ha, this is great, and not just for all that satin-covered Kardashian. That Marc Jacobs dress is perfection.

  4. J DANNY

    look at the blue dress..
    u can totally see that implant perfect oval shape..
    she needs to admit her butt “ain’t” real

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