Give your Social Secretary some Aspirin and a Decision!

This is one of those times that roll around every year, a time when your Social Secretary can be heard threatening to leave your employ as a result of the stress brought on by the need to, well….be social! We do realize that scheduling, re-scheduling and final-final-final scheduling of social activities is nothing short of mind-warping, and we further acknowledge that this phenomenon is worsened by The Princess’s inability at times to make up her mind. Or as it is put by said assistant, “To make a bloody decision, please, it can’t be that hard, I am begging you, is it yes or no?!”, clearly using language most unbecoming to the both of us, but always the language that jolts me into reality. Highly effective. Quite. It really shouldn’t be so challenging to determine which invitations involve RSVPs that are affirmative, which are sadly a “Will not attend,” and those mandating a donation be made to the beneficiary of whatever gala you cannot attend. This doesn’t begin to touch on the topic of appropriate party frocks, gifts for graduates, brides & grooms, etc. Really, the stress of all this is killing me. Simply killing me. (Heh-heh-heh.)

In an effort to further addle everyone’s brain, here are a few choice opportunities to contribute to mankind (and buy a new gown), and feel good about yourself as well. Monday’s Costume Institute gala is one of the biggest, and if you don’t have your invite, well, it’s too late. Unless you’re an A-lister at the level of say, Anna Wintour from Vogue. And speaking of, have you heard that Le Wintour apparently disinvited ‘stylist to the stars’ Rachel Zoe?! And Fashion Week Daily reports that Ms. Wintour has requested her entire staff to wear pastels, or very light colors. How quaint. Before he attends, Giorgio Armani is doing his first personal appearance in seven years, at Saks. He will also sign copies of Roger Hutchings’s book Armani Backstage.

Of course there is the opening of the Americana at Brand as described in this morning’s post, should you be on the west coast. After you have completed your visit to the Americana, you can hop on the shuttle and scoot up to the San Francisco 2008 Decorator Showcase, benefiting San Francisco University High School’s Financial Aid program, running through May 26. One of the design firms contributing to the Showcase this year is Applegate Tran; we have been simply gaga over their work since they did an incredible condo in Pacific Heights.

Applegate Tran Pacific Heights Condo

Applegate Tran Pacific Heights Condo

Back on the other side of the continent, the one event you don’t want to miss is the Junior League’s 13th Annual Spring House Tour (New York JL), kicking off with breakfast at League HQ on 80th between Lexington and Park. Now, the one house TP wants to see (reallyreallyreally) is the Upper East Side townhouse designed by William Diamond and Anthony Baratta; it had a starring role in “The Devil Wears Prada,” as Miranda Priestly’s home!

Don’t forget it’s the always fabulous Gala Preview to this year’s Orchard Hill Designer Showhouse at old Westbury Gardens running through June 15th at Old Westbury Gardens. We do love that the invites clearly state “Children under Six, Infants, Strollers and Pets are not permitted.” We don’t mean this in a negative way, we have just seen so many unfortunate instances where the poor child, even with Nanny, is miserable and out of their element. Just up the coast a tad is the 16th Annual Newport Symposium, presented by The Preservation Society of Newport County. We do hope you enjoy a splendid weekend!

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