The Goyard Tote Part 2

Pink Goyard bag from iauction

We have been looking around at some of the ‘sexier’ or hotter bags being carried, at least in terms of ourselves and other Prepaholics, and have become even more convinced that if forced to bypass our standard tote, the Goyard version is near the top of the list as a replacement carry.

Bill Cunningham Goyard story from NY Times

After our initial posting on the divine bag (see photo below), a wonderful little birdie told us about an interesting story in the Times from back in December of 2006, a quick glimpse at the bag’s popularity. It’s one of those fascinating “On the Street” features looking at a specific item or trend and what’s actually happening with it on the street, not what a PR firm or designer tells you is going on. Author and photographer Bill Cunningham (if you don’t read him, you really should think about looking at some of his stories, both online from the paper and also his web pieces designed specifically to air online, *very* cool) noted that the Goyard had become the most popular bag “… on luxury mile, Madison Avenue and 57th Street. Of lacquered linen and cotton, the bags don’t shout status and there are no waiting lists at Goyard…”.

Business Week Luxury Bag story - Goyard pic

After that great tip we did a little looking around and found this intriguing post from Imran Amed at, (*always* a great place to stop by for fabulous perspective and insight) from April of 2007 that compares the Tory Burch flat and the Goyard bag. But then there is a cautionary story, also from the Times, looking at the simply enormous problem of counterfeit bags, with part of the focus on the Goyard.

Hope this wasn’t too tedious for everyone; I can’t seem to stop myself once I get going!

Photo Credit: Top – unknown, Middle – Bill Cunningham/The New York Times, Last – Business Week

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  1. please send me goyard updates

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