Sex & the City Unmentionables… Mentioned

SATC Cosabella Lingerie Carrie SATC Cosabella Carrie #2

Cosabella SATC Lingerie - Samantha

Have you ever stopped and said to yourself, “You know, I’m not sure this is actually anything new,” with the emphasis, of course, on the new part? So do indulge us if this is old news, understanding that it certainly looked new to us. (How sad is that?)

What seemed all new and exciting is word of the Cosabella Sex and the City Collection; the marketing brilliance at work is creating a line for each of the four characters! Maybe the fact the line is launching very shortly is what is new to The Princess. Bare Necessities says “Pre-Order now” on their main SATC page and had this message wisely placed on each of the SATC item pages: “Sex and the City by Cosabella WILL sell out. Pre order now, and your order will be expected to ship on or before April 30th via UPS 3 Day Select for FREE.” That seems like the smart thing to do, don’t you think? Neiman’s will carry the collection, as will many other retailers.

SATC Charlotte

The only thing we’re not clear on is why Miranda’s Collection only has two pieces in it…? As far as the group goes, the site explains things, “Each collection captures the actors’ distinct characters’: quirky (Sarah Jessica Parker), sexy (Kim Cattrall), demure (Kristin Davis) and bold (Cynthia Nixon)” so all we want to know is: which one are you? Shop accordingly!

SATC Cosabella Miranda Collection SATC Lingerie Miranda #2

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