Gossip Girls Update, Carrie’s Sex in the City Purse, & The SATC Quotes Tote

NY Mag Gossip Girls cover story

If you want to get an inside scoop on Gossip Girls, run to the nearest newstand and grab this week’s issue of New York magazine. Declaring G2 the “Best. Show. Ever.” on its cover, the story is loaded with details on off-screen romances (or lack thereof,) discussions about who is or isn’t gay, and reasoning for its cover declaration about the show.

NY Magazine Gossip Girls

Gossip Girls shot

Once inside the magazine, the feature is actually titled “The Genius of Gossip Girl” with a subhead “How a wunderkind producer, seven tabloid-ready stars, an army of bloggers, and a nation of texting tweenagers are changing the way we watch television.” The Princess recommends this one as a “must read” for reasons we won’t bore you with. (Let’s just say that after our 17 year television career we still love some of the basic theory, y-a-w-n!) Generally TP’s issue arrives in the mailbox today or perhaps Tuesday, but in this case we read the entire story on NYM’s website. You will enjoy it too – whether it’s online or by hard copy; it ‘s simply Prepalicious!


Timmy Woods Eiffel Yower Bag

Perhaps you have all seen this already and we are relaying the obvious. (Gosh no, the Princess a tad late jumping on a hot fashion or cultural trend?! Moi? Duh!) At any rate, we saw these photos of the Eiffel Tower bag as worn by ‘Carrie’ in the new SATC movie that’s been filming in New York. It’s another Timmy Woods Beverly Hills creation in all its glory, the Eiffel Tower Bag with roughly 6300 Swarovski crystals. According to Mr. Wood’s website, the bag is worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in some of the film’s opening scenes. It’s only $2750, so we ask, how could you miss? Should that seem a bit over the top, there is also a non-crystal Eiffel Tower style, same lines and idea, just no Swarovski crystals, and a lower price tag of $415. If you adore this style of bag you absolutely must visit Timmy’s site – he has bags shaped like everything from your lovable Lab to peace symbols, Santa Claus and much more. OF course if you are looking for something Sex and the City that’s more casual, HBO is selling a tote covered in SATC quotes.

HBO SATC Quote Tote

Photo Credits:
NY Magazine Gossip Girls story: Jessica Dimmock
Eiffel Tower Bag: TimmyWoods.com
HBO Quote Tote: HBO.com

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