Tiffany’s Good News, Must Have Wellies, the Lacoste MacLaren & Burberry Nova Strollers

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We apologize to readers who may find our first news tidbit a tad dry this Monday morning, but as far as we’re concerned, good news for Tiffany’s is good news for everyone. Besides, we’re keeping it short so let’s not get our whiskers in a wad, allright? And you secretly do care about Tiffany and how it’s doing, I know you do. Tiffany Grand Poohbah James Quinn told reporters last week that not only are they continuing with their expansion plans in the U.S. despite the softening economy, they may accelerate those plans. BTW, the second hotlink to Tiffany’s shows off some of the goodies carried in-store for their Heart of Wall Street shop at the intersection of Wall & Nassau, it is well worth a stop.

Now, having seen firsthand these fabulous Wellies, we simply had to share them with you. What better to be wearing as you muck about the garden? Yes, I know you generally have people who do the slogging for you, but let’s pretend just this once, shall we? After all, they’re so fun you’ll simply have to put them once or twice and go cut a flower or two.

Original Wellie Fuchsia Wellington Joules Bon Bon pink boot

These are the original original classic Hunter Wellies in an eye-popping pink as bright as the roses in your garden on a summer day. New this season is a wonderful Wellie called the Joules Bon Bon, in a delightful pink liberally sprinkled with retrievers, including the little known and rare bleu retriever. Do make a note the first pair in fuchsia is linked to the company’s USA pages for buying same, whilst the Joules Bon Bon & the Young Hunters shown are linked to the firm’s UK site. There are scads more in outstanding design and color combos, so we encourage everyone to pop in and take a peek at their sites!

Now we move on to the MacLaren stroller, always appreciated by Nanny, and of course loved by Mummys and Daddys challenged with the huge perambulator and its inescapable girth and weight. Naturally the switch was made to something like this MacLaren when traveling, as it’s so much lighter in weight and collapsible. And what better style statement than a Lacoste version of the MacLaren Ryder? The good folks at Lacoste have a bonus for you: the stroller comes complete with a little white polo shirt and matching white bucket hat for the little one.

Neiman Marcus Lacoste Stroller hatNeiman Marcus Lacoste MacLaren Stroller

Of course Neimans has loads of strollers, include Burberry and Bugaboo. There is no shortage at Saks either, including the Burberry Nova. and the Quinny Buzz Reversible that is just handy!

Burberry Nova stroller at Saks

Saks Quinny Buzz Stroller

Yours truly must now scamper away – too much to do and not enough time! League things are busy, not to mention all the other events on the social calendar!

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