The Preppy Thank You Note

Preppy Princess Thank you whales notecards

Certain images have almost become synonymous with the mental vision of that which is “preppy.” The Ralph Lauren Polo pony comes to mind, as does the Lacoste alligator. But The Princess doesn’t believe the grinning Whale has reached the iconic status. We find the whale to be quite cute, and in pink and green on these cards, simply ideal for those pesky little Thank You notes; you know, the ones that should be written and posted the day after the function. TP (The Princess) has known individuals who actually write the note the evening of the party before leaving the house. Yes, we realize it’s somewhat controversial within the etiquette community, but at the very least it is a method that is well, efficient, if not as personalized as one might wish. And what better notes to have Whitford or little Logan use for their thank you correspondence, especially when the paper is 100% recycled heavy card stock! ? So not only are they being well-mannered children, they can be green at the same time. Now in full disclosure, The Princess is showing goodies from the recently opened, a sister site to our little blog here. Oh, and do we think we’ll be marketing so much merchandise that we’ll be responsible for elevating Mister Whale to iconic stature? We think not. Highly unlikely. Now if you were to ask about longterm plans for our little bow logo…..? Well, that is most assuredly a story for another day in another venue. Indeed.

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