More Pink Rooms. (And we Mean *Really* Pink!)

Pink Room #2 Rug Company

Wow – slap us upside the head for having a lack of vision! When we did the post about the Preppy Pink Living Room for Sale back on March 26th we kind of thought that was the beginning and end of pink rooms with pink furnishings. We were wrong. Really, really wrong.

Pay a visit to Desire to Inspire’s collection of pink rooms and furnishings. Just because you can. But do pay a visit as it is a fab investment of time! Or because you want to see how much of a loon I am. But you must be sure to keep scrolling down their page to fully appreciate the scope of what has been accomplished in the world of pink. One of the rooms shown above is the creation of Ghislaine Viñas, an interior and architectural designer in NYC and if ever you wanted to see a preppy pink and green home page, here it is. Yowza! We feel positively dowdy by comparison over at! Another is the 2006 House & Garden Hamptons show home by Jay Jeffers, Jeffers Design Group in California. And if there are rooms and/or furnishings you think The Princess needs to be apprised of, do tell!

Pink Room #3 Jeffers Design Group

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