An ‘Official’ Preppy Band?

Anyone here enjoy the music of Vampire Weekend, or at least like them enough to defend them to the end? We’ve not yet had the pleasure of seeing them in person, but through the magic of the internet we were able to listen a little today and were somewhat nonplussed.  Our only link to the band comes via a columnist at the Sun-Times (Chicago), who suggests they are ideally suited to be the Official Preppy Band.” This via a blistering story, or perhaps a review, in the paper Friday entitled: “Look, Muffy, a band for us” with a subhead (2nd headline) “Preppy pretension sucks musical blood out of VAMPIRE WEEKEND.” Okay then. Did I hear “Bitter, party of one?” from the maître d’ blogLand?


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2 responses to “An ‘Official’ Preppy Band?

  1. lewisha

    It definity a very preppy brand…

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