Sunny Shoes for a Rainy Day

Garvelin Kids Toddlers preppy shoesOkay, we did our share of the rainy daze & Mondays whine with the Paris Hilton Anti-Prep post and now it’s time to atone for our sins. Does this sound like your true-to-form CAP (Catholic American Princess?!) or what?! Not to worry, we still can’t resist some of these fabulous shoes for the kids, and we’re posting them. They’re like a sunny day here in the rain-addled Midwest.

The first pair is from European designers Garvalin, just waiting for you at Zappos, of course. They score a 7 or 8 on the Prepalicious scale (obviously they lose a point for that logo placement) and are most assuredly worth a glance. Next on our hit parade is the ever-so-cute Primigi kids Alegra.Of course you already know the bow makes yours truly simply ga-ga.

Kids ShoesPrimigi Kids again

If you are looking for something a little brighter, the pink & green floral pair is a great style statement from Pablosky, also a European designer, also waiting for you at Zappos with your name on the box! How about this stylin’ pair in madras for the little guy in your life, perfect to wear on his way to and from tennis lessons at the Club this summer. Pablosky Girls Madras shoes

Pablosky Boys Madras shoes

Any pair in pink and green with a touch of argyle has to make our list, and these from Primigi are no different, available at

Shoes Primigi Girls pink Green Argyle Girls pink green primigi

The final pair are so sweet and sophisticated they make you look twice, but not in an inappropriate or ostentatious way, of course. This take on a modern Mary Jane is also from Primigi, with its timeless Chanel look. Now if we could only find something that divine in our size, we would be a much happier Princess, I can assure you.

Modern Mary Jane by Primigi

May the sun be with you and those you love today!  🙂

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  1. Ava

    Thanks for this post. Now, I have a good idea what to pick for my kids =) By the way, I mentioned you in my blog. Hope you don’t mind. Thanks again and keep writing.

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