What’s Wrong with Me?

Helmut Lang Stretch Twill KhakisHelmut Lang Stretch Twill Khakis #2

Really – what is wrong with me? Or to be more explanatory, *why* am I so infatuated with these Helmut Lang stretch twill khakis for $360 at Active Endeavors when there are perfectly wonderful khakis at LL Bean, Lands End, J Crew and a host of other establishments.


That same wishy-washy approach described above is most definitely not an issue when looking at these Keds. What is up with this? Hello? These are beyond edgy. We like edgy – edgy is good. And we adore Keds sneakers. Sneakers? Yes! Keds heels? No! Absolutely not. Now please, do send a note or insert a little comment so we might see the folly of our thinking if you can set us straight on the fashion runway of life. Stop by Revolve Clothing where we spotted this pair, and peek at their spring line.

Keds Heels Oh No! View 1Keds Heels Oh No!

I mean, it just seems all wrong to us, but perhaps we’re just not in touch with our inner fashionista. Sigh.

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