The AntiPrep – Today’s Photos

Viktor & Rolf Peeptoe BootiePrada Peeptoe BootPrada Scalloped Pump & CuffPrada Page at NeimansWalter Steiger Patent Pump

Or, “Where are my Papagallos?!”

OMG. If you had any confusion about the subject of today’s post, presumably the pictures address this. If not, well, it’s possible you need to contact the Lost and Found police in BlogVille and get some guidance. You could be at the wrong blog.

Today’s offenders are shoes. If these are on your “must list” you are most definitely at the wrong place, but you are more than welcome to stay. You will find us tediously boring in our attire, and more than conservative when it comes to accessories. The Viktor & Rolfe Peeptoe Bootie did not make it into our shoe rack yet. Nor did the Prada suede Peeptoe Boot. You may be able to find these at Neimans or Barneys or Bergdorfs.

While at Neimans, don’t be shy. Try on the Prada Scalloped Pump & Cuff. I swear, that is the name; I could not possibly make this stuff up! It sounds more like a nefarious exercise at the club: “C’mon everyone, pump & cuff, pump & cuff, pump & cuff, altogether now…” All this for only $670. Now don’t forget the Prada velvet Flower-Heel Mary Jane (it’s their hyphen, I promise), it’s so you!

If you find the pink patent Walter Steiger to be another wardrobe-building essential, you can try, although it is apparently on back order. (This I find incomprehensible, but then, do consider your source.)

Still confused about the AntiPrep? Well, email and maybe we can help.

Have a nice day. 🙂

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