Those Abercrombie Abs…Part One

Truly tasteless? Or “well, at least their hearts are in the right place” sort of situation? Of course, who else could we be discussing other then the oh-so-naughty Abercrombie & Fitch? And how amazing (not!) that the troublesome topic involves the company’s sex sells credo. And of course the “M” word. Yawn. (I don’t know…does the apparel at the left simply shriek “preppy” to You? The Princess doesn’t exactly see those shorts at the C.C.) At any rate, it appears looking a gift horse squarely in the mouth isn’t the least bit troubling to a group of Buckeyes. Not even when said gift’s value runs just a bit more than the cost of a nice wedding reception, well into the low seven figures. The backstory: A&F is owned by Limited Brands, based in Columbus, Ohio. You know, the folks who own Victoria’s Secret, and the generally fabulous Henri Bendel. The company donated $10 million so its name would go on the new ER at the Children’s Hospital in Columbus. (Er, excuse us, that would be Nationwide Children’s Hospital, so named in gratitude for the $50 million donation from you guessed it – Nationwide Insurance!) But not so fast. Seems a group of physicians and advocacy groups are saying “Thanks, but no thanks.” The big bucks were donated (and accepted we might add) back in 2006, but the topic is now hot because groundbreaking is taking place this year. Or at least it is supposed to. It seems some are opposed to taking donations from a company whose primary marketing efforts seem to center on images of teens oozing sex in every ad. Of course, while not exactly chicken feed, the ‘donation’ is nowhere near the $50 million the company paid a few years back to settle a discrimination suit.
For those not familiar with the brand, it wasn’t always this way. Do stop by tomorrow for a look back at what truly was a lifestyle brand. And there weren’t any short-shorts for sale either.
On a far less serious note, it appears spring may be here at last, and isn’t that just too glorious?! A change of seasons is much more than a change of wardrobe, always a splendid reminder to revel in the simple things and maintain a sense of humor. The seemingly endless winter was on the verge of turning otherwise delightful acquaintances into crankensteins, reminding The Princess of a wonderful remark by Ann Landers: “Class has a sense of humor. Class never tries to build itself up by tearing others down.” Do enjoy a happy-happy and wonderful-wonderful weekend! We leave you with this charming picture, one of many darling, creative projects at Kaboose for your children to enjoy!

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