Prepalicious Alberta Ferretti

The Princess continues to be curious regarding the divine creations from fashion designer Alberta Ferretti, and their lack of critical acclaim in the world of the neon runway. (This, of course, disregards the Philosophy line Ms. Ferretti is best known for.)  Granted, no one is ever going to accuse us of being a slave to fashion, but honestly dolls, don’t you think she deserves just a tad more credit than she’s receiving? Although some might say (and the Princess can only concur) that the best attention Ms. Ferretti enjoys is in the form of the orders that continue to be placed by buyers from Bergdorfs, Neimans, and other fine establishments for her crisp, clean and sexy apparel.  Now before you climb all over the Princess, understand that we don’t consider the entire collection to comprise a season’s ensemble in that style oft referred to as ‘preppy’…nay-nay. Chill thyselves. We’re merely asking that some of her designs be considered for inclusion in our little fashion circle. 

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